I have had quite a few recent buyers that are planning for an early retirement.  They are buying homes 5-7 years before moving here while rates are low and rental homes are in high demand and they are making some passive income. Las Vegas and Henderson have made the map and ranked #1 and #4 in the nation for most affordable cities for early retirement.

You can buy early and rent out until you retire and move here.  Or you can buy investment properties and rent them out to retirees that are moving here or both.

In Las Vegas you can get a nicer house with more space at an attainable price close to parks, trails, entertainment, golf courses, and 5 star restaurants.  What else would you want in retired life?

It’s more important than ever on how for your dollar goes and when you live in Nevada you get an automatic pay raise by not having state income tax and lower property tax and this is attracting retirees.

With the pandemic it has had people stuck in their house and thinking about moving up.  People want an extra room in the house for an office, more outdoor living for pets, and views that allow you to enjoy your house more.

Henderson is #2 in the nation for residential population growth

  • Henderson is the #1 city in the nation for the most retirees moving here
  • Nevada #5 in nation for the most retirees moving here
  • Nevada #15 for price appreciation in the nation
  • Over 23 BILLION in planned/under construction projects
  • Interest rates are historically low with an average of 2.7%

Here are some one story homes for sale in Henderson with a pool.