Las Vegas Mid Century homes for sale

Have you ever thought of buying a historic home in Las Vegas?  You could reburnish a house top to bottom?  Or would you rather buy a home that was flipped and all the hard work is done already?  You have both options in Las Vegas.  Below are some current homes for sale in downtown Las Vegas.

Las Vegas was founded as a city on May, 15 1905 when Las Vegas Boulevard was auctioned off by the railroad company.  The square of streets considered Las Vegas Blvd. was N. Stewart Ave., S. Graces, W. Main St. and Fifth Street.  If some of these old homes could talk, eh!?  When I have shown older historic homes I always wonder who used to live here and what there lifestyle was like. I love the character these homes have, some all original and some refurbished from top to bottom with fun orange front doors. Could you imagine the story that could go along with these special homes?

It seems like Mid century homes are the thing these days, so I wanted to share with you the current homes on the market in downtown Las Vegas.  Some are original and some are flips.

The city has grown from the central strip area and out in all directions.  We have some very unique historical neighborhoods like Francisco Park, the Huntridge District, and Rancho Bel Air areas.  Most of these homes started as 2 bedroom and 1 bath homes and then over time have had additions.  These areas are located in the 89104, 89169,89121,and 89146 zip codes.  When buying an older home you need to get a thorough home inspection as we need to think about the major components on the house, like the rook, electricity, plumbing, and A/C/furnace, etc.

When you drive some of the neighborhoods you can tell that the home owners are the older original owners, some hip millennials and some average joes.  All walks of life in downtown Las Vegas.  Some of these areas are walking distance to the Las Vegas strip and some are walking distance to the downtown Arts District or Beer District.  Lots of fun that could be had in these historic neighborhoods.  Contact me to discuss what type of home you are looking for.

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