How to win a bidding war

Are you thinking about getting into the market and buying a home this year?

It’s competitive, but POSSIBLE!!

There is one real estate cycle that scares people more than any other and we are in it. When the inventory of available homes is low, home sellers have an unusual advantage. Sellers can make the rules because they do not have as many competitors. This is great news if you’re a homeowner and not so great if you’re looking to buy a home- especially if you’re a first time home buyer.

There’s a lot of false information about what is currently possible for home buyers. I would like to clear it up a few myths that a traditional agent may not have the skills to address.

“I cannot compete with an all – cash buyer”.  – All-cash does not mean unlimited cash or a higher net for seller

“I need to sell my house before I can buy another one“- I have some options that may surprise you! Same day closings, a free lease backs, a bridge loan, or buy a replacement property that you will turn into an investment home and rehab it or don’t.

“I’m going to get into a uncontrolled bidding war”- Not if you have an escalation clause.

This is certainly a time to have a skilled negotiator, like me helping you and the people you care about right now. Call or text me with any questions that you will let me separate opinion from opportunity.

Let’s weigh out the pros and cons of buying a home in the current real estate conditions. Call Lauren Paris

Curious what’s on the market in your price range?  Here are some home in Henderson with pools that are currently listed for sale.  Contact me to discuss your home buying needs.